iCloud Removal Service
$ 29
1-3 days

iCloud Unlock Service Description

  • iCloud Activation Lock
  • Any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch) includes iCloud Activation Lock, a feature that's designed to prevent anyone else from using an Apple device if it's ever lost or stolen.

  • What does it mean?
  • Apple ID and password are required before anyone can use an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch iCloud locked.
    Even if the device was erased remotely, iCloud activation lock will continue to deny anyone from reactivating or unlocking the device without the correct Apple ID and Password. This feature is impossible to bypass without the right credentials or an official iCloud unlock service like ours.

  • About iCloud Unlock
  • If your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch is locked with a previous iCloud account, you won't be able to activate (use) it without removing this old account first. We provide an official iCloud unlock service in order to bypass this issue and activate your device.

  • How does iCloud unlock work?
  • The iCloud account of an Apple device is associated to the device IMEI and serial number. If activation is locked, and you have lost access to this particular iCloud account, you must unlock the previous iCloud account in order to activate that device.
    Bypass this restriction can only be done with an official iCloud unlock service. This is the reason why ONLY a service like OURS works!

Remove lock iCloud account

We only need your IMEI or Serial number to remove the iCloud activation lock from your device.

  • Step 1:
  • If you don't know your IMEI or serial number, please follow the link below in order to learn how to find the IMEI or serial number of your device : Find your iPhone IMEI or SN here

  • Step 2:
  • Provide us your IMEI or serial number by filling the corresponding box above and then click the "iCloud removal" button.

  • Step 3:
  • Once your payment is completed you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Then, when Apple tells us that your iCloud Account is whitelisted (removed), we will contact you. From that moment on, you just need to turn on your device and enjoy it.

    Our services will officially remove iCloud activation lock for you and your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple watch will be free, activated and ready for your new iCloud account.